What are the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?


The philosophical split among the developer community - the one that eventually led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash was the defining difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin is more of a digital gold or a means of saving, and so they didn't do anything to increase the transaction output. The Bitcoin Cash community believes that it should be used more as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin Cash, also called Bcash was created in August 2017 when it split off from Bitcoin and anyone who owned Bitcoin received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash.

Ironically, in the years since then, the conscious efforts of the Bitcoin Cash community to expand the network and facilitate more transactions have not resulted in becoming more widely accepted as a currency than Bitcoin itself.

Whatever limitations bitcoin has as a currency, it hasn't stopped companies like PayPal, Zynga, and Overstock.com to accept it as a form of payment. Even Mastercard is introducing cryptocurrency to its network.

Institutional buyers tend to accept bitcoin more than its additional income. Tesla's recent decision to diversify its balance sheet by buying $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin is a testament to its growing acceptance in the investment community.

Bitcoin has become an investment vehicle and the reserve currency of cryptocurrency, making it one of the main asset classes for diversifying institutional portfolios.

After the Bitcoin Cash fork in 2017, the price of Bcash rose from $ 240 to recent highs of over $ 750, and the price of Bitcoin rose from $ 2,700 to recent highs of over $ 50,000 in mid February of this year.

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