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Microsoft will create a project based on Bitcoin's fundamental features


Microsoft will create a project that will be based on Bitcoin's every fundamental feature. The company wants to create a project that will be completely unique and decentralized and will have an identical common database that is used to record Bitcoin transactions, better known as the blockchain.

This project will be called ION, where decentralized identifiers will be used, which can be an archived motive force for our work on the Internet. If Bitcoin, being completely decentralized, carries significant importance, since it is beyond the control of the government and centralized institutions, this ION project will carry the same importance, but this will already concern online identity.

Microsoft wants to create a technology that will help protect the user's ownership rights to their virtual identities since the current era, which is the 21st century, has full Internet accessibility. This means that the Internet has full control over the online profile accounts of various users.

The head of the project, Daniel Buechner, was at the very important congress in Miami for Bitcoin with various crypto enthusiasts, such as Michael Saylor, Jack Dorsey, and others.

Microsoft wants to create this project on the Bitcoin blockchain technology to create unique digital identifiers. To authenticate identity on the Internet, users will no longer have to suffer from passwords, cell numbers, and mailboxes to confirm and verify their identity. The project will be fully launched on the main Bitcoin network. Therefore, ION will become completely decentralized and secure, it will not rely on centralized objects, validators, or different protocols.

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