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Hot forecast for GBP/USD on July 26, 2021


The trading week commences quite calmly and quietly, since the macroeconomic calendar is almost empty. Only during the US trading session will data on sales of new homes in the United States be published, which may contribute to the strengthening of the dollar. This is because these same sales is likely to increase by 1.4%, which is quite a lot.

During the technical correction from the variable support point of 1.3570, the GBP/USD currency pair reached the price range of 1.3750/1.3800, where there was a reduction in the volume of long positions, which led to stagnation.

Please note that the quote in the process of slowing down formed an amplitude in the range of 1.3720/1.3785, which confirms the theory of interaction of trading forces, relative to the range of 1.3750/1.3800.

The market dynamics has signs of slowing down, but due to the existing amplitude, an accumulation process may occur, which in turn will lead to a natural acceleration.

In the current location of the price, the same amplitude course of the price is observed within the area of interaction of trading forces.

Considering the trading chart relative to the daily period, a consistent process of changing the trading interest is visible, from an ascending direction to a descending one.

In this situation, it can be assumed that the 1.3750/1.3800 area will continue to put pressure on buyers, but entering the market on a downward trajectory will be considered by traders after holding the price lower than 1.3725 for a four-hour period. Otherwise, the accumulation process will be delayed within the specified limits.

From the point of view of complex indicator analysis, it can be seen that technical instruments in the minute and hour periods have a variable signal, while the daily period continues to signal a sale.


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