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China intensifies bitcoin crackdown


China has put huge pressure on bitcoin and other altcoins after they banned miners from working on their territory, as well as after banning Chinese crypto companies and over-the-counter dealers from conducting transactions related to cryptocurrencies. This caused a storm of negative emotions and became a catalyst for the fact that Bitcoin is in limbo and cannot get out of the bear market in any way.

Why is bitcoin unprofitable for China, that it wants to get rid of the number one cryptocurrency by all means? China has been working on its own digital currency, the yuan, for a long time, and is afraid of the rapid growth of crypto assets that are outside the legal field, they cannot be tracked and they are completely decentralized.

The digital yuan may become the first state-owned global digital currency, so the presence of bitcoin in China may overshadow its development and demand. For more than a year, the People's Bank of China has been testing the digital yuan. If everything goes according to plan, then this year it can be launched and made as an official means of payment.

With its complete rejection of the cryptocurrency, the People's Bank of China may feel like a fish out of water. In addition, after abandoning the cryptocurrency, they may gradually abandon the dollar, thereby reducing China's dependence on the American fiat currency, protecting themselves from possible international currency sanctions.

The Chinese proprietary digital currency will allow the country to monitor its economy and will give quite strong and advanced levers for manipulating it, thereby monitoring the spending of the yuan among the Chinese.

However, this may not go easy for China as well. Everything can go wrong if Chinese citizens do not want to use the yuan and go around the law to buy cryptocurrency. Also, cryptocurrencies that cannot be tracked and regulated are completely decentralized, carry a huge danger for the Chinese Communist Party, and threaten the financial stability of the country.

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