Weekly US Market Review 04/20/2021


US indices continued their long-term recoilless growth, hitting new all time highs. More specifically, the DJIA increased from 33.600 points to 34.080 points, while the Nasdaq Composite remained at 13.900 points. As for the S&P 500, it jumped from 4.100 points to 4.150 points.

All in all, growth totals to roughly 12.8%, which is almost the same as the yearly growth of the market. Unfortunately, this means that succeeding increases will not be as strong, especially since we are already at the end of the growth cycle.

Usually, the cycle does not exceed 10 years, but the US market has been growing since 2008-2009, or for about 12 years already. In short, it is already overheated, so it is no surprise if a large correction occurs any time. Any strong negative news can become the impetus for it. For example, when central banks end their assistance programs.

Forecasts: The DJIA may hit 33.600 - 34.200 points this week. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite may reach 13.750 - 14.100 points. As for the S&P 500, it may range from 4.100 points to 4.200 points.

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