Why more and more large investors are choosing bitcoin and when will they start leaving this asset?


The world's number one cryptocurrency continues to trade near $60,000. The fact that the price does not go far down from this mark indicates the preservation of the bullish mood in the cryptocurrency market. However, as many independent experts say, who do not have hundreds or thousands of Bitcoins in their accounts and are not interested in the hype and growth of the cryptocurrency, sooner or later bitcoin will fall and may fall at least to zero. It's not a secret for anyone that bitcoin is an investment tool with a super yield at this time. However, the fact that bitcoin has grown so much over the past year, there is also a considerable amount of luck. Many experts agree that such a high demand for BTC was formed solely due to the pandemic crisis. Everyone knows that the crisis is for ordinary people and the rich continue to get richer in times of crisis. There are not so many classic investment tools in the world at the moment. If you will remove the very exotic, such as collectible bottles of alcohol or paintings by famous artists, then stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, deposits will remain. Unfortunately for many investors, deposits, stocks, and bonds are increasingly losing their investment appeal. Despite the fact that the US stock market continues to grow, the return on shares is not so great. Roughly speaking, stocks, bonds, gold, and so on are low-yield investments that are best used for the stability of the investment portfolio. However, I also want to get maximum profits, especially in times of crisis. And at this time, a new round of bitcoin growth begins. Small traders and investors (often ordinary people) begin to invest in cryptocurrency excess money accumulated during the pandemic, large private investors and institutions begin to invest in "digital gold" in the pursuit of super profits and in flight from inflation. These are the real reasons for the growth of BTC in the last year. Plus, it should be understood that bitcoin is also a very convenient investment tool. For example, it may take quite a long time to sell an expensive apartment and convert it into money. Bitcoin can be sold on any exchange at any time. Thus, many experts agree that the outflow of capital from bitcoin will begin when the profitability of more stable investment instruments like traditional instruments will begin to increase. As we said earlier, the outflow of capital from bitcoin in technical terms can be determined by overcoming the support of $ 52,300 and $ 43,000 - $ 44,000.

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