The dollar and euro exchange rate is in question: news about COVID-19 in the US and the world

Denmark has announced the suspension of the use of vaccinations against the COVID-19 coronavirus produced by the Danish-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca due to the threat of thrombosis up to a fatal outcome. The first cases of blood clotting disorders and severe pulmonary thromboembolism are reported in the European news without specifying the number of victims.


After that, Austria also refused to use this vaccine. AstraZeneca denies the link between deaths and vaccination. Representatives of the company claim that the vaccine has passed extensive human trials and has been recognized as safe.

Eli Lilly's shares are expected to fall slightly in connection with the announcement of the European Union about the beginning of a sliding review of antibodies of two drugs from the pharmaceutical company aimed at treating patients with complex cases of Covid-19. Earlier, the European regulator claimed that the drugs from Eli Lilly for treatment with monoclonal bodies are recognized as highly effective.

In Brazil, a kind of anti-record of mortality is recorded. Over the past 24 hours, 2,286 people have died from the coronavirus in the country. The number of new cases of infection exceeded 79 thousand.

Turkey has also seen an increase in the number of cases after Erdogan lifted strict quarantine measures just a week ago. So, the number of new cases was 14.5 thousand. This is twice as much as a month ago.

In the United States, there is an active advertising campaign about vaccination, which involves former Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton. While Trump and his wife prefer to stay in the shadows.

However, with the vaccination in the United States, not everything is so promising. Tabloids has reported a small percentage of vaccinations among the poor, African and Hispanic Americans, and migrants. At the same time, it is one of the highest risk groups.

The US Department of Health is under huge pressure due to a large number of lawsuits for improper treatment.

We are talking about the combined use of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine, a bundle of which, as it was recently established, causes the most severe complications.

Steve Chikala, who lost his wife to a medical error is the first complainant in a series of victims. At the same time, in an interview, he says that the actions of doctors themselves do not cause him any questions – only the bundle of drugs recommended for treatment.

A total of 48 lawsuits have been filed since the beginning of the year, one way or another related to Covid-19 therapy, ranging from deaths to the use of artificial lung ventilation devices.

So far, the Injury Compensation Program has failed in most cases involving coronavirus treatment. In many ways, this is a consequence of the pharmaceutical companies exemption from almost any legal action granted by the US government. This ban applies both to companies in general (Moderna Inc, Pfizer Inc, BioNTech SE and Johnson & Johnson) and to drugs including hydroxychloroquine.

However, the complainants are not discouraged. Lawyer Steve Chikala says that 200 more lawsuits related to the use of a dangerous combination are on the way.

Peter Meyers, a law professor at Georgetown University, says the vaccination program is not transparent and advocates for disclosure.

This news may shake the winning move of the dollar at the opening of trading on the Chicago and New York stock exchanges. However, the expected good forecasts for open vacancies and auctions for the placement of 3-and 8-week bills of the Federal Reserve, as well as an auction for the placement of 30-year government bonds, should turn the tide in favor of the US currency.

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