Trading plan 04/16/2018

Trade plan 04/16/2018

General picture: Markets are expecting growth. A military strike against Syria was inflicted immediately after the markets closed on Friday. It seems not accidental. The Western countries seek to minimize the new fall of the markets and they succeeded. On Monday morning, everyone knows that there is no reason to wait for a new round of tension due to Syria in the coming days.

Situation number 2: "Trump Trade War - China". This crisis is not yet finished, but the latest statements by the parties indicate readiness for negotiations and, probably, everything can be resolved by an agreement. In addition, it is important that discussion must be held before the entry into force after the official publication of the US decision on new tariffs in at least 2 months. Also, US officials said that they will negotiate with China before the introduction of new tariffs.

Third: Current events. The new week lacks important news. The main events will be held at the end of April (ECB meeting on April 26) and the Fed in early May.

Thus, this event is beneficial for large investors to send the markets to new highs.

GBP / USD: We expect growth to continue.

Purchases on decline up to 1.4100.


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